Faxon Machining’s COVIDA-19 Mitigation Plans


Faxon Machining has been meeting regularly with a select group of managers to establish a “Best Practice” approach in order to maintain the safest, and most productive environment during this period.

The safety and wellbeing of all Faxon team members is first and foremost in the decision making process being used to determine policies and procedures.  Faxon is also undertaking all reasonable efforts to maintain the continued production of products that have been deemed “essential” by our defense customers and the U.S. Government.

Faxon has taken steps to minimize or fully eliminate visitors to the facility.  Ongoing increased cleaning and disinfecting efforts are being conducted by both internal, and external personnel on a regular basis.  Continued communication of the CDC’s recommendations as well as our internal policies, as they develop, are being emailed to employees on a regular basis.

Responses to various potential events have been developed and are supported with necessary training and materials to execute if necessary. 

Faxon will continue to develop additional efforts to maintain the highest possible standards in maintaining the safety of our Team members.

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