Faxon Machining is dedicated towards exceeding its customer’s expectations through utilizing leading edge technology.  Our engineering department is trained on the latest 2D/3D design and modeling CAD/CAM software systems.  Our engineering team is compromised of experienced engineers, drafters, and tooling designers as well as programming and setup technicians; continuously working together towards achieving optimal results.  Our in-house tooling department also works closely with design engineers towards creating purpose-built tooling and fixturing for solving even the most complex customer requirements.  Engineering is actively involved in all customer orders, ensuring the highest levels of both quality and efficiency.

  • CNC program development and control

  • Direct CNC link to machine tools

  • Verify fit and function prior to assembly

  • Exceptional upfront quality integration

  • Specialized tooling and fixturing designed
2D Design Software
Autocad 2D Design Software

  • Autocad (2D design software)
  • Autodesk Inventor (3D modeling software)
  • Solidworks (3D modeling software)
  • Surfcam (CNC programming)
  • CAMWorks (CAM Software)
  • E2 Shoptech (process and order ERP)

Solidworks 3D solid modeling
Surfcam CNC Programming
Solidworks 3D Solid Modeling
Surfcam CNC Programming 
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