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CNC Gundrilling

       Our nearly 30 years experience in gundrilling encompasses a wide range of applications and materials.  Gundrilling operations produce a cleaner hole that typically requires less secondary finishing operations thus lowering costs.  Additionally, our newer CNC machines are fully capable of not only gundrilling but also highly efficient ejector drilling, tapping, thread milling, coboring, porting, chamfering and milling. 

       We have drilled nearly every size hole and type of material; utilizing both column and knee type CNC drills along with fixed bed, automatic loading and multi-spindle drilling units.  For the ultimate in efficiency, our column type gundrills are equipped with an auxillary spindle suitable for milling operations as needed to produced a machined surface prior to drilling or other available machining operations.  We can gundrill holes from less than .100″ up to 2.500″ in diameter either on center line, off center or on water line locations.  With our overhead cranes and table capacity, we can easily accommodate parts weighing up to 40,000 pounds and with advance notice, we can handle parts that weigh nearly 60,000 pounds.

       As inside diameters grow or workpieces get longer, gundrilling can be a more time consuming and less precise solution.  In these cases, our other deep hole drilling methods are considered and employed.  Regardless, the engineers at Faxon Machining can advise you on the best method for your application.

Tarus Gundrill
Tarus Gundrill
Tarus column-type CNC Gundrills
Drilling – Tapping – Porting – Milling


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