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Trepanning         Trepanning is one of the several methods of deep hole drilling utilized by Faxon Machining.  This method allows drilling of inside diameters from 3″ up to 24″ and through parts as long as 270″ (22.5 feet) from one end.  Similar to ejector drilling, trepanning methods include part rotating, drill rotating, and counter rotating.

        Our unique capabilities allow for extremely large diameters and lengths for even the most exotic and difficult alloys.  This enables us to realize substantial savings in time and money which can then be passed on to our customers.

Trepanning         For less precise drilling needs such as when further machining is required or when material costs must be considered, trepanning is an excellent solution or see ejector drilling when higher precision drilling is required.

       During the trepanning operation, a core is recovered from the drilling operation. This core will be approximately 1.5″ to 3.0″ smaller than the bore of the part drilled and can be machined to a specific size and used to produce additional parts, leveraging the investment made in expensive alloys.

       With 4 newer CNC controled Giana deep hole drilling machines, Faxon Machining is truly a leader in all specialties of deep hole drilling, reaming and boring.

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