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CNC Milling

CNC Horizontal and Vertical Milling

Makino Horizontal Machining Center
  • Horizontal capabilities up to 120″ x 40″ x 32″

  • Vertical capabilities up to 60″ x 30″ x 30″

  • Renshaw probing systems

  • Engineering controlled 4 and 5 Axis CNC programming

  • Makino ~ Haas ~ Mazak ~ Cincinnati
Makino A77E Horizontal Machining Center

  Faxon Machining offers the most advanced CNC machining services including both horizontal and vertical CNC milling.  All customer requirements are controlled by desktop CAD/CAM systems and supported by engineers dedicated to every element of the machining process from setup through quality assurance.

CNC Vertical Milling CNC Horizontal Boring Mill
VF-4 Series Vertical Mill
EC-3000 Horizontal Boring Mill


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