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Wire EDM & Hole Popping

  Submersible Wire EDM technologies offers a viable solution for close tolerance 4-axis machining of even the most unique shapes and features.  It is also well suited for machining both hardened and/or exotic alloys typically not possible from more conventional machining techniques.  Our EDM department has plenty of capacity and offers services ideal for purpose built tooling, prototypes and many specialized applications.

  Fast drill hole popping techniques allows for the most precise and yet extremely small diameter holes.  We have successfully produced holes as small as .013″ in some extremely difficult alloys.
 Submersible Wire EDM and Hole Popping (Up to 21.6″ x 13.7″ x 11.8″)

Active Image Image Active Image
Sodick AQ535L EDM 
Mitsubishi DWC90SB EDM
Makino EC3040 EDM
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